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Employee physical exams ensure that your workforce is ready and able to meet the essential physical demands of a given job. It’s an important step not only for risk assessment, but to ensure the health and safety of your employees, especially in demanding or labor-intensive jobs.

Benefits of pre-employment physicals, which are always confidential, include:

  • Appropriate matching of candidate and job

  • Baseline health status

  • Compliance with appropriate statutory requirements

  • Discovery of health conditions that supervisors or HR may need to be made aware to provide suitable accommodations or emergency care 

Physicals may also be needed yearly or when concerns arise about a job description change or new position. We offer a wide range of DOT/NON DOT Exams, Pre-Employment, Post-Offer, Fit for Duty, Return to Work, Haz-Mat and Respirator/OSHA Clearance Exams to include the following services:

  • NIOSH Certified Pulmonary Function Test

  • Titmus Vision

  • Audiogram

  • EKG

  • On-site X-ray with B Reader

  • On-Site Laboratory

Whatever the situation, the highly trained staff at CADUCEUS USA partners with both the business and the employee every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

Visit One of our 12 Metro Atlanta Locations.

With medical centers located throughout the metro area, CADUCEUS makes occupational healthcare easy!

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