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Workplace Injuries Require a Different Level of Care

When a workplace injury occurs, you can rely on Caduceus USA to ensure the appropriate and best care for the employee.

Physical therapists focus on the large motor groups that impact most of what an employee does every day, including walking, lifting, reaching, and other physical activities. Physical therapists also look at strength, balance and range of motion, as well, especially when the employee must meet specific workplace physical requirements.

Not every workplace injury is the same and nor should every physical therapy plan of action be. Our experts work with the business and the employee for a complete evaluation to determine what activities will require therapy and for how long. Our experts, under the Medical Director Services of Dr. Stephen Dawkins, will then decide when and if the individual needs continuing care or may return to work safely.

Visit One of our 12 Metro Atlanta Locations.

With medical centers located throughout the metro area, CADUCEUS makes occupational healthcare easy!

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